Add star ratings to your site

This article is about adding a star rating display to your posts.

Review of Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

The novel follows the life events of a fictional veteran who never actually got to fight in World War II, as he was shortly captured and turned into a prisoner. Unlike a traditional plot, Slaughterhouse Five resembles a memoir format.

An overwrite mechanism for machine- and human-friendly API documentation

There’s always issues with API documentation. It gets outdated quickly, it’s tedious and halfwhat standardized, and there’s not enough engineers who can write, nor enough writers who are techy enough. Automated documentation is useless, while human-crafted examples and descriptions take too long for the modern breakneck release cycle.

A peek into the Sushruta Samhita and ancient medicine

Healing and religion are inexplicably linked. Many beliefs and practices that modern science debunks as myths used to be non-fiction at the time. The knowledge we regard as true for now may later be proved false, and the newest medical textbooks are outdated the moment they’re published.

Where is my privacy? Transparency out of control.

The other day, I pledged to a project on Kickstarter on May 18. It was the first time I made an account on that website. On May 22, I got an email from GoFundMe: a person named “Casey Atkins” (not a real name) was requesting for donations. I’ve never signed up for GoFundMe. Seriously, are Kickstarter and GoFundMe the same entity under the hood?

Beginning a Docs-as-Code journey

As a newly minted tech writer, I’ve had the pleasure to be given my first project in the software department: organize internal documentation. When you have guests come over, cleaning the rooms becomes a mad dash. And as I would expect, if external documentation is the polished, spick-and-span room where your guests are visiting, the internal documentation looks like the closet crammed of stuff.