[Short story] Ladders

Content Warning: Suicide

[Short Story] Grocery Store Parenting

Today I just witnessed something incredible.

[Short story] To Choose Hell

Light spreads all around. I look at my hands, then at the people surrounding me, and notice there are no shadows. So, this is what my skin color looks like. Everyone is naked, each one the same silhouette when compared to the light. Instinctively everyone gravitates towards a spot. Their legs walk, but there is no distinguishable floor. I head to a random direction, and after some time I stand still. As I look around, I assume that we have formed a perfect circle, infinitely huge. I can see a line of humans across from me, far in distance yet clearly defined in my vision. The line, wobbly and diverse, containing different heights and genders, extends beyond either side, slowly curving into the section where I stand, and beyond myself the line rejoins from where my eye had first wandered.


An overwrite mechanism for machine- and human-friendly API documentation

There’s always issues with API documentation. It gets outdated quickly, it’s tedious and halfwhat standardized, and there’s not enough engineers who can write, nor enough writers who are techy enough. Automated documentation is useless, while human-crafted examples and descriptions take too long for the modern breakneck release cycle.

On Tense and Time

Controlling the narrative of time is the purpose of the comedian, the storyteller, and the writer.